IBM Business Partner

Mobile Marketing

TouchpointMX makes it easy to manage all your digital channels from one location. It's particularly useful for incorporating mobile marketing into the fabric of your campaigns. With mobile data and permissions management taken care of TouchpointMX gives your both the flexibility and peace of mind to incorporate mobile into your next customer engagement.


Push SMS messages, web links and survey/invitations to your customers directly from your TouchpointMX console. Incorporate PUSH messaging for billing and arrears reminders, and incorporate into true multichannel campaigns that will run without intervention from start to finish.


Give your customers and consumers the chance to find out more about your offer, product or service by asking for it by SMS. Use TouchpointMX to supply text or weblinks to content that has too much detail to feature in your mainstream media. Text4Info enables you to deliver a great experience and can capture basic contact details and permissions that will allow future dialogue with those consumers.


Use TouchpointMX to set up and manage your on pack or consumer 'Txt to Win' promotions. TouchpointMX will securely generate your redemption codes for printing on pack and will receive, authenticate and apply anti-fraud logic to participants in your promotion. TouchpointMX will also draw your winners automatically and in accordance with prize draw legislation, giving you complete peace of mind.