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Engage your customers for longer and more valuable relationships.

Your customers want a personal experience, not a broadcast.

When everything about your communications with them becomes more personal and intuitive, engagement happens.

TouchpointMX is a powerful and user friendly Marketing Automation platform for multi-channel marketing, 'always on' and adaptive digital engagement.

Customer data

TouchpointMX leverages a powerful relational database that receives and consolidates your customer information including 'transactional data', value, 'propensity to purchase', segment based profiles and granular data that relates to how they have engaged and interacted historically across all channels including email, WEB, SMS and social.

TouchpointMX also stores your dynamic content, copy and messaging and ensures that the next communication or campaign your customer receives from you resonates with them personally.

Making it personal

Use specific data related to each customer to determine the message, content, channel and timing of the communications you have with that customer.

Dynamically adapt elements of your communications (send and receive) with your customers across a number of common channels - in the way they choose, at a time they want.

Keeping it secure

TouchpointMX is an enterprise software platform with proven banking-grade security and built in compliance. Your customers' data is secure.

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