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Email & Surveys


Your Email, Survey and Webpage builder allows your element design and frequently used content to be templated and used multiple times. You can store the templates in TouchpointMX and then create your email, survey or webpage while providing dynamic, recipient-specific content. TouchpointMX has the added benefit of allowing template sections which can also be inserted in to email messages to save you time and effort.

TouchpointMX's email and website WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor is familiar in layout and functionality to many word processing editors. Create professional looking emails and WebPages with no HTML expertise required or indeed use code if you prefer. The TouchpontMX WYSIWYG makes professional looking content simple, fast and easy to create, even allowing you to edit on-the-fly.

Deliverability & Best Practice

With decades of email and digital marketing marketing experience, the TouchpointMX team have gathered an extensive list of best practice knowledge and are keen to work with you to ensure successful delivery. Combined wth our internal deliverability expertise and infrastructure support we ensure your content is delivered to the right people at the best time with ease.

Triggers & Customer Activation

TouchpointMX makes setting up and running your welcome programmes, customer activation programmes, and complex campaigns seamless and handsfree! The rules available are as simple or as sophisticated as you need them and allow you to execute your plan from end to end, ensuring that the journey or path your customer takes when you interact with them is used to select what, how and when they should recieve your next message.

Mobile Optimisation

More than 30% of your customer communications will these days be opened on a mobile phone or tablet rather than on a PC. TouchpointMX allows you to preview what your messages will look like on PC and on mobile giving you the opportunity if required to refine and optimise your email templates to ensure your content looks great everywhere your customers are.