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Database & Content


Data and sophisticated database management lies at the heart of TouchpointMX, and is crucial to ensuring high quality marketing automation and successful digital campaigns. TouchpointMX securely manages 10's of millions of customer records and supporting data and gives you a completely scalable and flexible location to consolidate your customer, transactional and interaction data.

TouchpointMX is not only highly secure and PCI compliant, but seamlessly manages and maintains your customers marketing and contact permissions, ensuring that your campaigns are not only effective, but are legal every time!

Targeting & Segmentation

TouchpointMX makes targeting customers for campaigns or for remarketing easy. All attributes stored in TouchpointMX such as customer value, customer profile and their existing products can be automatically combined with how they have responded and interacted with previous campaign elements in email, social and SMS. Planning, targeting and setting up your next campaign in TouchpointMX gives you the capability to truly optimise the value of your next contact with your customer.


Pulling together the best copy and content that resonates with individuals is the secret behind the most effective customer campaigns and promotions. TouchpointMX incorporates a full catalogue system that allows you to store variable copy, content and images that will automatically be drawn together based on your data and campaign rules. The result is tailored campaigns that adapt for each customer.

TouchpointMX supports all types of content and will also automatically generate and publish info metric content into your messages as they send, making campaigns that include customer specific graphs, charts and performance measures easy to execute.